About This Station


BobsMemoryStation .com is a tribute to Bob Bittner, who created the Memory Stations WJIB, WJTO, WLAM,WLVP and WBAS.  


As you can imagine, in the wake of Bob‘s unfortunate passing, it was quickly realized all that Bob did everyday, and not practical for his wife Raisa to continue to operate five radio stations.  Raisa is a music lover committed to carrying on Bob’s Legacy, but she is not a broadcaster.  

We heard from a large number of passionate listeners who didn't want to part with the music and Bob's presence on the air! So the team keeping Bob Bittner’s Memory Stations going , in keeping with Bob and Raisa’s wishes, are happy to present our new On Line Stream, Bob Bittners's Memory Station On Line.  


Bob's greatest pleasure was to share his vast musical collection with all of his listeners. Bob presented a wonderful variety of the great standards, hits from yesteryear,  and some more contemporary hits as well.  It was done in a peaceful, relaxing, and easy listening format. It was a musical tapestry that only Bob could create, topped off with Bob's calming friendly on air presentation. This was all done without commercials.  This enhanced the listening experience for all who found and loved The Memory Stations!


We are recreating the fine musical tapestry that Bob created and keeping the format that the listeners have grown to love now on line. We also will keep listeners updated on ways to listen, and how to find help on this website BobsMemoryStatin.com.


Bob Perry, who many have gotten to know, will be overseeing BobMemoryStation.com and Bob Bittner Memory Station online stream.  His email is bobp@bobsmemorystation.com


We hope join us and enjoy the great music on Bob Bittner's Memory Station on line!